Skills: Web Design

Web Design for Medical Company

A Design-Only Solution for a Client With an Existing Web Developer

The Challenge: After a recommendation from one of our first web design clients on LinkedIn we began working with Aperio Technologies in Carlsbad, California.

The Solution: The client was satisfied with their existing development team, so our deliverable was not a complete site but a series of page designs. Talk about twice the fun in half the time (plus a wistful feeling that someone else gets to birth this baby and provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring). After a thorough homepage design process, we designed seven interior pages of the site to give the developer clear understanding of the different template needs. We provided optimized slices for several portions of the site. Additional projects for this client included the email template design, design and development of a secondary website for a software-only business division, as well as a custom website theme for the client’s existing secure member center website.

Client Comments:

Great Results, Personable, On Time… Bear Files has done a great job of designing websites and improving usability and aesthetics of existing websites for Aperio Technologies. It is my pleasure to recommend him.”
- Ole E., Aperio Technologies [via LinkedIn]